BREAK-UP BROWNIES 💔 2 min Eggless Chocolate Brownie Recipe | Food Mood Ep01 | #youtubeshorts #shorts

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| 2 minute chocolate | Break-up Brownies | Move on in 2 mins 😜 gooey chocolate brownies | Thakur Sisters | QuiCreations | #shorts #ytshorts

Learn how to make this cozy warm dessert in just 2 minutes without many fancy equipment!

Festive season is here 💫💥 And so is WINTER ❄️. And at this time of the year, all we crave for is warm, fudgy, and what's better than a bite of Decadent, Chocolate Walnut Brownie?
Today we are making 2 MINUTE MICROWAVE CHOCOLATE WALNUT BROWNIE and trust us guys, you'd keep coming back to this recipe till time unknown because it is just SO DELICIOUS! We did make Brownies in the oven and we found out that it takes too long to make them, and the waiting time is atleast 1-2 hours. So we had decided to create this super scrumptious short cut to the PERFECT BROWNIE! This recipe is tried and tested multiple times so you won't have to worry if you'd go wrong anywhere!

➤ Salted Butter: 3 tbsps
➤ Amul Dark Chocolate: 1/2 cup or 12 cubes
➤ Brown Sugar: 2 tbsps
➤ Powdered Sugar: 2 tbsps
➤ Milk: 4 tbsps
➤ Maida/All purpose flour: 4 tbsps
➤ Cocoa : 2 tbsps
➤ Chopped Walnuts: 1/4 cup
➤ Chocolate chips : 1 tbsp (Handful)

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