Cappuccino Cream Cheese Protein Brownies

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Brownie Ingredients:
80g old fashioned
75g unsalted butter and 30g unsalted butter (keep separately)
140g semi sweet morsels
45g Cappuccino Rush Dymatize protein powder (IF YOU DON’T HAVE THIS, SUB VANILLA OR MIXED WITH 1 TBSP INSTANT COFFEE)
115g fat free Greek yogurt
1 egg
46g egg whites
1/2 cup stevia in raw

Cream Cheese Ingredients:
10oz fat free cream cheese
1/2 cup stevia in raw
45g Cappuccino Rush Dymatize Protein Powder
1 egg
46g egg whites

Macronutrient Breakdown for ONE brownie/75g (recipe makes 1019g total):
Fat: 11g
Protein: 10g
Carbs: 15g

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