Chocolate Brownies with Ganache | Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.

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What's better than rich, fudgy chocolate brownies? bout rich, fudgy chocolate brownies topped with chocolate ganache? And did we mention they're Raw and Vegan? FULL RECIPE BELOW.

Brownies with Ganache Topping Recipe:

For the brownies
1 cup almond (or water)
1 c maple syrup or agave
1 ½ t salt
3 cups cocoa powder
1 vanilla bean, scraped (or 1 ½ t vanilla extract)
4 cups cashew flour

For the ganache topping
1 c coconut oil
3T maple syrup or agave
pinch sea salt
2 t cinnamon
1 c cocoa powder


1. Add wet ingredients a food processor, mix and then add cocoa powder, mix till combined
2. Pour mixture into a bowl and fold in cashew flour until combined
3. Using a spatula, spread about ½ inch thick onto a teflex lined sheet (or a parchment lined pan if using an ) and dehydrate overnight OR in an oven, at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 hour
4. Flip over the brownies using a large spatula then dehydrate 5 more hours, OR in an oven for 1 hour.
4. Remove from dehydrator or oven and cool completely.
5. Blend ingredients for ganache in a food processor.
6. Pour ganache over brownies, then place in the refrigerator for 30 mins to set up.
7. Cut brownies into squares.

– High in Fiber
– Healthy Fats
– Full of Antioxidants

Director: Eric Slatkin
Producer: Emily Mraz
Starring: Laura Miller
DP's: Ramy Romany / Sharra Romany / Chris Low
Sound: Justin Gay
PA: Jamie Dore
Food Stylist: Maria Zizka —
Hair and Make-up: Linda Sammut
Editor: Jeremiah Mayhew
Recipes by: Laura Miller
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