Cookie Dough Brownies Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen

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104 Comments for Cookie Dough Brownies Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen

  1. rhin x on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    Laura, could you make red velvet cinnamon rolls??

  2. Vanessa Cedillo on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    Love your videos, my daughter and I stay tuned for new videos all the time
    , I tried this recipe because I can never make brownies and it was great!

  3. Mel Anzo on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    incredibly delicious! Could you please do the recipe of warm cookie dough?
    as in the desert cookie dough you get served in restaurant (or dominos for
    example) usually with a scoop of vanilla ice cream :D

  4. Hoa Nguyen on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    why dont you make nutella brownies?

  5. Rin on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    Make ‘Laura in the kitchen’ utensils for sale and you’d get so many buys…
    i want to buy all of them lol 😀 

  6. Ernest Postrero on April 6, 2015: (Reply)


  7. Sneha Barua on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    Can you make apple crumb squres?

  8. Zain_ Pro on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    Hi Laura can you make a my little pony cake please

  9. Firnas Amir on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    the microwave is not healthey

  10. THE QUEENS NEW YORKER RETURNS on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    Another great episode, I cant believe 899 eps, please come on my podcast,
    would love to interview you on how this channel came about?

    • John Daniels on April 6, 2015: (Reply)


  11. 1queenruler on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    Oh I can’t wait to make these for my family later this month!! Do you ever
    do any gluten-free/dairy free recipes? I know probably really hard for you
    but if you know of any good YouTubers out there please share!

  12. Hanes Steve on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    Can you make ice cream without an ice cream machine please

  13. Selkinor S on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    It’s official, Laura can’t even.

  14. Vanessiable on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    These look so yummy!! I needd to make these!

  15. squabbles on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    please make halvah !! in polish it sounds as Chałwa pleasee do it

  16. Abigail Campos on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    Just 101 episodes left and your reach 1,000 . Wow & what if I do this , can
    I put the brownie first then the cookie?

  17. BSBK VLOGS on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    Laura, you should make carrot cupcakes/ cake. Would be amazing 

  18. Rebecca Sholes on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    What type of chocolate do you use and also what would u recommend as a good
    baking chocolate I can get in the U.S

  19. lexicon3000 on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    These look amazing, however, I wouldn’t consider them cookie dough
    brownies, more like cookie brownies. I think cookie dough brownies would be
    even better, cause who doesn’t like cookie dough??

  20. Subhodeep Ghatak on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    I’ve been watching your videos for over a year. How come you never get fat

  21. akm howlader on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    Do you live in Florida

  22. Shaalovvee on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    Laura plzzz make spanakopita greek dish ❤️❤️

  23. Alice Kukapa on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    What would I do without you?

  24. 72 Monte on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    Yum !!! They look awesome.

  25. Andrew Debby on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    Pleaseee an oreo ponchik!!! Miammm

  26. NicoleInWonderlandd on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    So basically a slutty brownie without the Oreos 

  27. Elizabeth Troy on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    Did anyone else notice the crunch noise when she was cutting them? Not
    trying to hate, because these are SOOO but I like my brownies to be

  28. fabiola's channel on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    Your the best at cooking and baking u should make ur own bakery and a fancy
    food restaurant too

  29. Sergio alvarado on April 6, 2015: (Reply)


  30. Faithy .Cho on April 7, 2015: (Reply)

    I don’t actually cook and bake, I just love watching her videos. :)

  31. Angelica Rodriguez on April 7, 2015: (Reply)

    Laura u need to make more seafood videos lol

  32. DoDo Bieber on April 7, 2015: (Reply)

    Can you please make baked chicken alfredo. I really wanna see your version
    of it please. 

  33. Carmela Dioko on April 7, 2015: (Reply)

    Yum! I wanna make this!

  34. Heidi Shoshana on April 7, 2015: (Reply)

    sorry but those look dry af those aren’t cookie dough brownies

  35. Dalton Foster on April 7, 2015: (Reply)

    Laura, can we get a recipe for liver and onions? Its one of my favorite
    dishes xD

  36. Zooey Son on April 7, 2015: (Reply)

    Your gestures and faces are getting funnier which I LOOOOVEEE. Love you <3
    from koreaaa 

  37. Fares Touma on April 7, 2015: (Reply)

    Please share a recipe for vegetable pancakes :)))

  38. Gabi Cc. on April 7, 2015: (Reply)

    the brownie looks dry, and the cookie too, I personally would do it in a
    bigger baking pan, so as not being that thick dont hhave to cook it for so
    long. but great recipe overall. 🙂 

  39. Sneta Rudmila on April 7, 2015: (Reply)

    Why would people hate this

  40. Eshita The Cook on April 7, 2015: (Reply)

    i need it!!!!!!

  41. Sadiee7 on April 7, 2015: (Reply)

    Laura Vitale is probably my favourite American person. Ever. 

  42. marisav12 on April 7, 2015: (Reply)

    can you do cheddar broccoli soup recipe

  43. Maria Fabiana Salgado on April 7, 2015: (Reply)

    I want your microwave!!!

  44. Jennifer Martinez on April 7, 2015: (Reply)

    I have made the cookie dough brownie recipe more than i can count and make
    sure that you make alot of chocolate things and put it up i love chocolate
    i dont love them thats my world-wide thing i like to eat
    ✨i am the queen of
    chocolate and you too 

  45. pinkfluff112 on April 7, 2015: (Reply)

    I thought she had moved, how is this still the old kitchen ?

    • Annie Roy Dubé on April 7, 2015: (Reply)

      Pre recorded

  46. Kaylene Moye on April 7, 2015: (Reply)

    Can you make coffee cake pleeease

  47. Kristen2448 on April 7, 2015: (Reply)

    Sooo, your website called for 2 eggs for the brownie batter. That’s what I
    did. And it turned out to be a mess. I just re watched the video and you
    used 3 eggs. :/ can’t go back now. 

  48. emagibril on April 7, 2015: (Reply)

    Hay Laura, I love you, and i love your cooking, and I really admire the
    hard work you are doing with your very supportive, loving, and handsome
    Joe.. I am a big fan and I watch all your videos and vlogs.. By the way
    Congrats on the new home and the book.. You deserve the best
    I agree with you that eating in moderation is the best way to stay fit and
    healthy.. And it is ok to indulge on something sweet like this oneyum..
    But when I make something like this or like the Nutella cheese cake and
    enjoy it on the weekend.. I really do not know what to do with rest.. I am
    definitely not going to throw it away.. And i do not have my family or my
    friends near me so i can give them some.. i find myself irresistibly eating
    it through out the rest of the week.. Do you have an advice for what i
    can do? Because honestly i like me some sweets once in while lol.. 

  49. Paige Raymundo on April 7, 2015: (Reply)

    make pudding pie

  50. Araceli Castro on April 8, 2015: (Reply)

    Hello I had a question. I’m looking forward to making these on friday,
    however I noticed that the amount of ingredients in your video look doubled
    as to the amount on your website recipe. For example, in the video the
    amount of flour looks well over one cup, as well as the amount of melted
    chocolate. Am I going coocoo or is it the same amount? Thank you in

  51. Giness Carreon on April 8, 2015: (Reply)

    My mouth is watering!!! Wow Laura. 

  52. thaera sami on April 8, 2015: (Reply)

    Love u and love u recipe

  53. Kayla Plays on April 8, 2015: (Reply)

    This girl needs to go on masterchef

    • Grace Osas on April 8, 2015: (Reply)

      +Kayla Plays She wouldn’t be allowed to, lol.

  54. Laura Sierra on April 8, 2015: (Reply)

    When she said homegirl omg LOVE her

  55. meghna gala on April 9, 2015: (Reply)

    Hey, is there anything i can substitute eggs with in this recipe? 

  56. Ah Jung Jeon on April 9, 2015: (Reply)

    did you add 2 or 3 eggs to the brownie? i just followed your recipe on the
    website which says 2, but my batter looks really dark 🙁 from the video it
    looks like you used 3 eggs

  57. Caitlyn stirrup on April 9, 2015: (Reply)


  58. Jake Grogan on April 9, 2015: (Reply)

    Title is misleading, but still a great recipe overall 

  59. Badandy538 on April 10, 2015: (Reply)

    Do not recommend. At least this recipe didnt work for me. Cookie part was
    okay and brownie was too dry.

  60. Hgsquaredd * on April 10, 2015: (Reply)

    We just subscribed! Pls check out our channel. Love your personality. 

  61. Haritha Jayagopi on April 10, 2015: (Reply)

    Great recipe ! Would like to see your take on amaretti cookies :)

  62. Tingxuan on April 10, 2015: (Reply)

    This recipe is so crazy 

  63. FlyingMonkies325 on April 10, 2015: (Reply)

    mmmm… 2 of my fave things in 1, i will die and go to heaven eating these

  64. b on April 10, 2015: (Reply)

    can we use premade brownie mix? 

  65. None of your business on April 10, 2015: (Reply)

    these are like the “slutty brownies” (yes, they’re called that lol) just
    without the oreos in between.. So freakin gooddd

  66. PattyPatriisha Ho on April 10, 2015: (Reply)

    Home girl!

  67. Vanda Mendes on April 10, 2015: (Reply)

    I have all of the ingredients at home already. Looks like I’ll be making
    these tomorrow. 

  68. Adorabelle Cheng on April 11, 2015: (Reply)

    Can you make shamrock shake?? Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeee! :)))

  69. ashley more on April 11, 2015: (Reply)

    0:39 had me dying lol

  70. Benita Hasani on April 11, 2015: (Reply)

    I love watching her videos but when she tastes what she’s making I hate the
    noise she makes when she eats and also how sometimes she goes “mm, so good” *cheeing
    noise* “mm, *smacking noise* had to do it, mm”. it’s just ugh idk it just
    bothers me so much but I love love love her recipes. :/

    • Tiffany Smith on April 11, 2015: (Reply)

      I feel the same way. I absolutely adore her and ALL her channels but I just
      always stop the video before it gets to that point. But in her defense its
      not just her it’s anyone who makes eating noises, it totally makes me
      crazy!!!! LOL

  71. Carro K on April 11, 2015: (Reply)

    You’re killing me… have to make these…

  72. Amanda Tan on April 11, 2015: (Reply)

    can you make oreo brownies

  73. Lee Bennett on April 12, 2015: (Reply)


  74. Shilpa Kirpalani on April 12, 2015: (Reply)

    Hi +Laura in the Kitchen is it possible if i use another brownie recipe? Do
    let me know.. Thanks

  75. Elizabeth Staab on April 12, 2015: (Reply)

    I like how you said “I am a strange bird”

  76. Amayraniheartsyou on April 12, 2015: (Reply)

    This looks soooo good Laura! I can’t even lol

  77. lori mitchell on April 12, 2015: (Reply)

    Laura vitale you sinned. You put my favorite desserts in one dessert. I
    love that. I will have to see what.I can do about making them. 

  78. Kayciez on April 13, 2015: (Reply)

    I baked mine for over an hour at 350F but it still didn’t bake fully 🙁

  79. Emily Banks on April 13, 2015: (Reply)

    craving this so bad right now 

  80. bigbangsofly on April 14, 2015: (Reply)

    Watching this in 2015 and I’m still wishing she’d be my godmom.

  81. 2EternityButterflies on April 14, 2015: (Reply)

    This looks really good. We will give it a try. Company coming soon. Thank
    you. Greetings from Denmark.

  82. Usman & Salman's Food Joint on April 14, 2015: (Reply)

    great recipe looks delicious

  83. Sonya Oneal on April 15, 2015: (Reply)

    can you omit the instant espresso powder,and how will it affect the taste?
    I have no clue where to get it.

    • Sonya Oneal on April 15, 2015: (Reply)

      I watched ep 111 and got my answer thanks Laura you’re the best

  84. umayrghouri on April 15, 2015: (Reply)


  85. Stephanie Aranda on April 16, 2015: (Reply)

    is it possible to make ice cream brownies? if yes could you make a recipe

  86. Marianne Lee on April 16, 2015: (Reply)

    My brownies failed 🙁 it was all like uncooked in the middle and mushy in
    the middle even after leaving it in the oven for like almost an hour, help?

  87. Caterina Vitale on April 16, 2015: (Reply)

    I have to try it!

  88. AABMT on April 16, 2015: (Reply)

    Do you think it would matter if I used a glass Pyrex container? I don’t
    have a tin one like yours. 

  89. AABMT on April 16, 2015: (Reply)

    I spool wanna just go out tonight and get the ingredients to make these
    from Wal-Mart! 

  90. Charlotte Stack on April 17, 2015: (Reply)

    Omg I want 

  91. _l on April 18, 2015: (Reply)

    I’ve made them today but something went wrong. There was no clear line
    between the cookie and the brownie. It all just looked and tasted like a
    brownie. Does anyone know what I dit wrong?

    • love0is0forever on April 18, 2015: (Reply)

      +_l To me happend the same thing. I still don’t know what I did wrong

  92. Nagham Elbanna on April 18, 2015: (Reply)

    Actually i can’t stop watching it perfectionnnn

  93. Ellen Silvia Oetomo on April 20, 2015: (Reply)

    Can i use this recipe for 20×20 cm pan? If not then how to make this recipe
    for 20×20 pan? I really want to try to make it. Thank you 🙂 

  94. feel the true taste on April 22, 2015: (Reply)

    YUMMY :)

  95. Nina lover on April 22, 2015: (Reply)

    I wonder can we have chocolate chip cookie dough with Blondie’s instead of

  96. Gypsy Kitchen on April 24, 2015: (Reply)

    You are killing me with this just killing me. #mythighshateyou

  97. Kitkat Gonzalez on April 26, 2015: (Reply)

    I love her

  98. MrsSweetie1998 on April 29, 2015: (Reply)

    It is just a brownie with a cookie underneath… not cookie dough? Cause
    she baked it??? I am confused

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