DIY Chewy Brownie Mix – Edible Gifts

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Dry Mixture:
1 ¼ cups of Granulated Sugar
8 oz White Chocolate Chips
1 of All Purpose Flour
¼ cup of Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
½ tsp of Instant Coffee Granules
½ tsp of Salt

Additional Ingredients to make the brownies:
10 oz of Bittersweet Chocolate Chips
½ cup of Unsalted Butter
2 Eggs

1) To make and store your dry mixture, simply all the dry ingredients together, place them in a container with a tight fitting lid and store in your pantry. This mixture will keep for a couple months. My suggestion is to double or triple the amounts of ingredients so you can have several batches on hand all times.

2) When you want to make a batch of brownies, add the butter and chocolate to a saucepan and cook on medium heat until the butter and chocolate melts, remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly (make sure you're stirring the mixture to prevent lumps) then add the butter and chocolate to a bowl and to it, add 2 ½ cups of the dry mixture and the eggs. Mix everything together until combined (the mixture will be quite thick and not at all runny (these are brownies not cake) then add the mixture to a 8×8” buttered baking pan and bake them in a 350 degree oven for 40 minutes. Allow them to cool before serving.

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