DIY PROJECT during lockdown! + The BEST brownie recipe!

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The – raw!
You need:
3 dl walnuts
3 Tbsp cacao
Pinch of salt

Mix the walnuts, add the dates, cacao and salt and mix to a dough. Press out the dough in a form.

the topping you need:
0,5 dl
1,5 tbsp cacao
2 tbsp honey

Melt the coconut oil and add the other ingredients and mix to a sauce. Pour it over the cake and then place the cake in the fridge for about 1 hour or more! ENJOY!! I added some shredded coconut on top as well – great tip!

(Thanks Hanna for the recipe!!

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13 Comments for DIY PROJECT during lockdown! + The BEST brownie recipe!

  1. j_nkl_bkr on April 12, 2020: (Reply)

    Happy Easter, Leon Janni n Jon! (: and everyone 😉

  2. Sohamsta on April 12, 2020: (Reply)

    1:12 *the easter bunny has entered the chat aww*

  3. Charlotte McGrath on April 12, 2020: (Reply)

    Never too much of Leon!! He is so freaking cute!!

  4. Audrey Shaw on April 12, 2020: (Reply)

    Leon is never boring!! <3

  5. Shiznuts on April 12, 2020: (Reply)

    Haha, when Leon couldn’t have a piece of chocolate brownie.
    On point edit there! xD

  6. nainaritube on April 12, 2020: (Reply)

    loving cozy home vlogs <3 keep them coming!

  7. Michael Finn on April 12, 2020: (Reply)

    even when jon gonna come back again to vlog we would love to see you continue vloging like this cause you such a pro 🙂

  8. Nina M on April 12, 2020: (Reply)

    Thank you so much Janni for making our boring days better by uploading more often! <3

  9. othman alomeirعثمان العمير on April 12, 2020: (Reply)

    the brownies looks gooooood, im going to try it

  10. Muhammad Faisal Ansari on April 12, 2020: (Reply)

    Maa’ Shaa’ ALLAH. GOD Bless You, Family.

  11. Lisa_ and_Christian on April 12, 2020: (Reply)

    Loved the sad music edit when Leon couldn’t get a brownie! So funny! And yes, Tiger King is really good watching. For a movie night though, watch The Platform (Netflix).

  12. Amy McCready on April 13, 2020: (Reply)

    What crazy people are complaining about too much Leon? He is a delight! Don’t listen to them <3

  13. Quinton Booysen on April 17, 2020: (Reply)

    go have a look at the following chanel “sailing la vagabonde”, whenever I watch these guys I can see the three of you doing this, with your vlogging skills I think the content will be epic 🙂

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