Heavenly brownies recipe /Easy– Cooking A dream

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easy brownies
What to expect: perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness, moist chocolaty taste.
more notes here: http://www.cookingadream.com/2017/10/heavenly-brownie-recipe-cooking-dream.html
butter 130g ( 1/2 cup+ 4Tbsp)
large eggs 3
sugar 200g (1cup)
salt 1/4 tsp
vanilla 2 Tsp
All purpose flour 80g (3/4 cup)
30g ( 1/3 cup)(15g if you don’t like bitter)
semi sweet chocolate 150g (1 cup)

baking time 25-30 mins(time may vary if pan size is different)

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19 Comments for Heavenly brownies recipe /Easy– Cooking A dream

  1. Razia Suma on October 20, 2017: (Reply)

    Very easy rcp… tnx

  2. kashish shadabi on October 20, 2017: (Reply)

    so yummy.

  3. Cooking with Khaleda on October 20, 2017: (Reply)

    so moist and perfect wowwww ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Shree Patel on October 20, 2017: (Reply)

    Yaar mouth watering …???
    I am not good in making cake or any bakery items ???

  5. kashish shadabi on October 20, 2017: (Reply)

    can i ask a question to u?

  6. Aqsa Khan on October 20, 2017: (Reply)

    So yummy Brownies

  7. Lovely Teacher on October 20, 2017: (Reply)

    Should I serve this Brownie (warm)?!

  8. taslima kulsum on October 20, 2017: (Reply)


  9. Aldana Belen Torrez Luna on October 20, 2017: (Reply)

    Amo el chocolate y el Brownie se caracteriza X el chocolate así que la voy a preparar

  10. maryam m on October 20, 2017: (Reply)

    You are the best,Thank you…

  11. Boy Me on October 20, 2017: (Reply)

    Just love your baking.

  12. Mom Grandma on October 21, 2017: (Reply)

    Is there anything better than chocolate? Nope! : )

  13. Вера П. on October 21, 2017: (Reply)

    Отличное описание рецепта!Спасибо!Приготовлю!

  14. sam ali on October 21, 2017: (Reply)

    thanks lovely

  15. Karen Kimberley on October 21, 2017: (Reply)

    Thankyou lovely recipe ?

  16. مطبخ سعيدة on October 21, 2017: (Reply)


  17. Fiza Hafsa on October 24, 2017: (Reply)

    aap ne baking powder nahi dala

  18. ladanyussuf yussuf on October 27, 2017: (Reply)

    I tried this recipe,it turned out delicious.thank you.

  19. Cooking A Dream on October 27, 2017: (Reply)

    Bake 30 minutes if you want little firmer which I personally like. Read more tips here:http://www.cookingadream.com/2017/10/heavenly-brownie-recipe-cooking-dream.html

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