Homemade Dark Chocolate Cakey Brownie recipe – Chocolate brownie recipe

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All purpose flour 1/2 cup
1/3 cup
Sugar 1/2 cup
Butter 50-100 grams
Baking powder 1/2 spoon
pinch of
Milk 2-3 spoon
First beat the butter and sugar together.Next add the eggs in there and beat them together.Then add the dry flours into the egg batter and beat them well.Now add the milk and that is 2-3 spoon.Now add the into the cake batter.Beat them again.Now pour the brownie batter into a cake baking pan.Now bake it into 180 degree centigrade for about 25-30 minutes.One the brownie is done then let it cool for few minutes.Now add some extra dark melted chocolate at the top and spread it evenly.Now slice it and enjoy this cakey brownie a cup of tea or coffee.Try this cakey brownie at your home and enjoy it with your family and friends.

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