How To Make A Very Berry Brownie | Now Cook It

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This is , and serves one! You can it out of bits and bobs you'll probably ha

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19 Comments for How To Make A Very Berry Brownie | Now Cook It

  1. Bianca Rimoldi on April 21, 2017: ()


    Do you guys watch doctor who?

  2. Erwin Sta Cruz on April 21, 2017: ()

    You guys should make a fridge cam episodes of these easy to make mug dessert recipes.

  3. Zipini Z on April 21, 2017: ()

    Bad boy Ben going in the dry flour with a wet spoon. I’m into it.

  4. Calum McGee on April 21, 2017: ()

    This might be a silly question, but does the mug not crack in the oven at that temperature?

  5. Amy Anna Roy on April 21, 2017: ()

    I really wanna try it but nah too lazy

  6. mrlieenn on April 21, 2017: ()

    I was hoping Mary Berry would show up 🙂

  7. Maja Houghton on April 21, 2017: ()

    Seeing Ben breaking that chocolate length ways made me feel weird :’)

  8. Anrya on April 21, 2017: ()


  9. Snoozette on April 21, 2017: ()

    I really like the Now Cook It series – it’s great for people who are only just learning.
    However, I think it might be more efficient, maybe approachable?, if Ben (the chef, who actually can cook) would only be a supporting role and the other three (who supposedly can’t cook (as well) – which I refuse to believe after being subscribed for quite a while). Right now, in every now cook it video, Ben’s doing 90% of the work, with the other three just…. looking and being adorable. I think for people who are just learning, it might be more relatable if the three idiots (and I mean that lovingly) were to cook, and not the chef.

  10. Yan Tse on April 21, 2017: ()

    A very Barry Brownie? so it’s not a brownie then.

  11. AShadowWolf on April 21, 2017: ()

    A seriously big portion for one? I’d say that’s a reasonable serving for one 😛

  12. Matthew Wong on April 21, 2017: ()

    Am I the only one bothered by the fact Ben missed a spot wiping the edge of the mug

  13. Yousra Khan on April 21, 2017: ()

    Gosh! You guys are making me hungry. I’ve already baked brownie cake after watching this week’s theme..
    *gulp yes that was tasty* ?

  14. Atinuke Ladipo on April 21, 2017: ()

    Barry and Ben, best of friends

  15. anonymous on April 21, 2017: ()

    takes all that time to wipe the rim of the mug then makes that streak at the end,you can’t unsee it now

  16. Katelyn Autumnsong on April 21, 2017: ()

    “Blink and you will miss it”

    Me: *blinks*

  17. rianmilit on April 21, 2017: ()

    ‘Seriously big portion for one’- Ben, please, I’ll have 3. ‘

  18. Ola H on April 21, 2017: ()

    Guess I have to buy a big mug 🙂

  19. xtaylorxboyx on April 21, 2017: ()

    Are all ceramic mugs oven safe?

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