How to Make Halloween Brownie Cake Pops

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Hello, in this episode of , we will be making Halloween themed Brownie Cake Pops. Instead of just making brownies, why not kick up the creativity a notch and some halloween themed brownie pops. They are really easy to , and sure to impress your family and friends. Not too mention they are delicious! Enjoy!

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Ingredients/Items needed:

– Brownies (use your own recipe, or follow the link below, or use a brownie mix from the store)
frosting (depending on “fudgey” the brownies are, you will need to add some frosting)
– Spoon
– black decorating icing or black decorating gel or black food writer pen
– some sort of spatula
– tablespoon (round)
– lollipop sticks
– various colors of candy melts
– decorating candies (red hots, mike and ikes, etc)
– bowl
– knife
-cutting board
– sheet pan
– parchment paper
– styrofoam block with holes in it
– your own creativity 🙂

Brownie recipe/video

Even more delicious brownie :

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