Microwave Oreo Cookies Brownie – 2 Minutes Eggless Oreo Biscuit Brownie Recipe

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Microwave Oreo Cookies Brownie – 2 Minutes Eggless Recipe

This is very easy to prepare, tastes delicious and needs very few ingredients. It is fun and very simple to make. You can this any time of the day. This is an instant recipe. If you don’t have cooking skills, don’t worry it will never go wrong . It turns out to be super soft. You can make wonders in few minutes for your dear ones.

Microwave Oreo Cookies Brownie – 2 Minute Eggless Recipe

Ingredients :-

6 Tbsp Oreo Biscuit (Crushed),
3 Tbsp Milk,
1/8 tsp Butter,
a Pinch Soda-bi-Carb
Chocolate Ganache & White Chocolate Flakes as required.

Procedure :-

Crush Oreo Cookies in mixer Jar. Take crushed Oreo Biscuits, Milk and Butter in a bowl. Mix well and prepare a batter. Then, add soda-bi-carb in it and give a nice whisk. Pour batter in a Silicone mould and place it in microwave at 900 power for 1-1/2 minutes. Remove the mould from the microwave, cool it for 2-3 minutes. Release the brownie from the mould. Drizzle Chocolate Ganache and White Chocolate Flakes on the top.

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Microwave Oreo Cookies Brownie – 2 Minutes Eggless Recipe

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    गनास ओर चाकलेट साॅस मे फर्क है क्या? ?

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    It’s Party time.

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    How to make chocolate sauce

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    Have u crushed Oreo biscuit with cream

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    yummy dishes

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    very nice..oven tempplz n how long?

  13. Anjali Chitalia on May 29, 2016: (Reply)

    my favourite… excellent recipe as always….

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    Mouth watering brownie

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    i just made this right now and i ate it with vanilla ice cream and it was

  18. Shraddha Dharaiya on May 31, 2016: (Reply)

    can we use ENO instead of what you used (soda)?

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