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Cream Cheese Cookies:

Another NO BAKE COOKIE Recipe!! I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe and please let m know in the comments what kind of cookie you want to see next!

All Purpose Flour:
Granulated Sugar:
Brown Sugar:
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder:
Baking Powder:
Baking Soda:
Vanilla Extract:

Canon Camera:
35mm lens:

Mini Cookie Scooper:
Medium Cookie Scooper:
Large Scooper:
Baking Mat:
Baking Sheet:
Handheld Mixer:
Kitchen AidMixer (I have the Grey Version):
Anchor Mixing Bowls:
Cooling Rack:
Ninja Blender:

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Music By Leon Solanky

FTC: I purchased all the items myself.

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48 Comments for NO BAKE Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies | Simply Bakings

  1. jillmarie on April 18, 2016: (Reply)

    So cute!

  2. Elisa Sunga on April 18, 2016: (Reply)


  3. Byron Chandler on April 18, 2016: (Reply)

    Hi, Lainey. Those brownie cookies look fantastic, perfect for my birthday
    tomorrow. I have a question: what’s your favorite brownies recipe? Please
    let me know. Have a lovely night, Lainey. 🙂 ???

  4. Jelissa Ruiz on April 18, 2016: (Reply)


  5. scarlett rodrigues on April 18, 2016: (Reply)

    boneffe pie please

  6. Galaxy Gamers on April 18, 2016: (Reply)

    Wow really early! 16th liker! Also what can we use if we don’t have brownie

  7. Gracie Cakes on April 18, 2016: (Reply)

    Can you please make no bake cupcakes if possible

  8. valerie salazar on April 18, 2016: (Reply)

    Banana cookies !

  9. Pixella on April 18, 2016: (Reply)


  10. SimplyBakings on April 18, 2016: (Reply)

    Another NO BAKE COOKIE Recipe!! I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe and
    please let m know in the comments what kind of cookie you want to see next!

    Also if you don’t have brownie bites available, feel free to omit them. :D

  11. lexiebelieber56 on April 18, 2016: (Reply)

    @simplybakings can you make cookie dough brownies

  12. Spoug7FAN on April 18, 2016: (Reply)

    How long do you add it in the microwave?

  13. Djerva Levy on April 18, 2016: (Reply)

    +SimplyBaking hi I’m a new subscriber

  14. SweetTreats on April 18, 2016: (Reply)

    Love how often you’ve been uploading Lainey!! Unfortunately I don’t own a
    microwave so I can’t do this recipe 🙁 Anyways, amazing dessert as always

  15. Maria Gabriela Valero Ortiz on April 18, 2016: (Reply)

    i really like it MORE OF THIS VIDEOS!

  16. Quyen Thai on April 18, 2016: (Reply)

    Your whole channel is like eating heaven. And heaven tastes good. ?

  17. Adriana Mendoza on April 18, 2016: (Reply)

    I was so happy when I saw this :)

  18. Grace_5Cheer on April 18, 2016: (Reply)

    Yes delicious

  19. Hadicha AppleBerry on April 18, 2016: (Reply)

    im early but i have 2 question for ya I was looking for a microwave cookie
    recipe and yay u made it also what watt is ur microwave?

  20. Bre forreal16 on April 18, 2016: (Reply)

    looks so good going to make it this week! yum

  21. Jessica May on April 18, 2016: (Reply)

    That’s Delicious I want to make it but we don’t have a microwave ?

  22. Nicki Melca on April 18, 2016: (Reply)

    I dont have a pantry…XD

  23. LaLa Ray on April 18, 2016: (Reply)


  24. Nasira Augustine on April 18, 2016: (Reply)

    Mint cookie

  25. Treat Factory on April 18, 2016: (Reply)

    Looks yummy and great if you want a cookie but don’t feel like making a
    whole batch of them :)

  26. AozoraOrigami on April 18, 2016: (Reply)

    okay i hate to be that guy, but what do you think happens to it in the
    microwave? it bakes it……… its not an icebox cookie or something, this
    is still baked…… just not in an oven, it’s no different than baking
    cookies on a greased pan inside of a grill……… its still baking the

  27. turquoisebow 1109 on April 19, 2016: (Reply)

    i dont have brown sugar?

  28. melinda vo on April 19, 2016: (Reply)

    Can you please make more no bake desserts?

  29. Unnati Chandani on April 19, 2016: (Reply)

    Does anyone know a great egg substitute

  30. Jon Dominic Buhay on April 19, 2016: (Reply)


  31. Serena He on April 19, 2016: (Reply)

    looks delicious- gotta try this some time this week!! can i ask if you know
    what wattage (is that the right word LOL) your microwave is? so that way
    its easier for me to estimate how long i should microwave mine for? :D

  32. Rachel Sood on April 19, 2016: (Reply)

    Can I use just white sugar?

  33. Rachel Sood on April 19, 2016: (Reply)

    Can I use just white sugar?

  34. jossel1102 on April 19, 2016: (Reply)

    can i use microwavable plastic container? thank you coz i dont have this
    mug. new subbie here

  35. X.Alicia.Vlogs.X on April 19, 2016: (Reply)

    Cookie dough brownies? ☺️??

  36. Dominique Love on April 19, 2016: (Reply)

    Yummy chocolate brownie coookie , life can’t get any better ♡♡♡♡

  37. Ralien mind on April 19, 2016: (Reply)

    BTW it’s baked since you put it in the microwaves 

  38. ParkTaeKook on April 19, 2016: (Reply)

    Hello,everyone! If you have baked this,please let me know if it’s good. It
    looks delicious but I’m scared that it won’t taste as good

  39. Marlene S on April 19, 2016: (Reply)

    Looks yummy! I made your recipe for cream cheese chocolate chip cookies!
    They were delicious! Only a few left ? I realized I couldn’t post it on
    Facebook or Instagram because I don’t have an account, but they are so good
    and flavorful and moist! ???

  40. Autumnsz GT on April 19, 2016: (Reply)

    Can you make Mint chocolate chip cookies

  41. Aarti Dogra on April 19, 2016: (Reply)


  42. Lucy Driskill on April 19, 2016: (Reply)

    This turned out so amazing!!!!

  43. SugarCoder 〈Food Art〉 on April 19, 2016: (Reply)

    Very bright green place mat there, Lainey! :D

  44. Oanh Pham on April 19, 2016: (Reply)

    Do I have to add in the brown sugar?

  45. chewy boo101 on April 19, 2016: (Reply)

    who here has everything but the Brownies?

  46. tolo compa on April 20, 2016: (Reply)

    Are the brownie bites necessary

  47. Gabby Duncan on April 20, 2016: (Reply)

    how do u come up with these ideas?
    omg… u r soo talented!!!!

  48. Tim Reall on April 22, 2016: (Reply)

    How about cookie flavoured meringues ?

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