Rose Makes Brownies #shorts

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Rose brownies…and she made a mess! #shorts

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5 Comments for Rose Makes Brownies #shorts

  1. Paris Ts on November 10, 2021: (Reply)

    I love her undiminished enthusiasm and the cute laughs when using a mixer or blender. Just want to buy her a huge blender just to see the reaction

  2. Cynthia Jotim on November 10, 2021: (Reply)

    these are so beautiful father and daughter moments, love that so much and love Rosie so much. Bobby and Desi with teaching her so great. To see this after I lost my daddy years ago touches my heart.

  3. Iamspeaking66 on November 10, 2021: (Reply)

    So enjoyable to see parents allow a child to makes mistakes and enjoys her making them and not yelling, hollering, screaming and cursing at them.

  4. Lisa Sellers on November 10, 2021: (Reply)

    You are the most patient parents with the sweetest little girl. I cant wait til the next one and the next one. She is going to be a pro chef under age 10. You are giving her such great learning skills. She is adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Rosance David on November 10, 2021: (Reply)

    I love how rose makes her food like mother and father already taught taught me how to cook now I can cook myself and I will grow up to be a professional

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