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See how to make these using a cake box mix. This delicious recipe is simple to make. Topped with a , this dessert will satisfy any taste bud. Traditionally brownies are made out of chocolate. Making brownies strawberry flavored was easy to do. It just requires a cake box mix.

Strawberry Brownies
– 1 box strawberry cake mix
– 2 large eggs
– 1/3 cup vegetable oil

Cream Cheese Frosting
– 8 oz cream cheese (softened)
– 4 tbsp butter (softened)
– 1 tsp extract
– 2 cups powdered sugar


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16 Comments for Strawberry Brownies From a Cake Box Mix | FunFoods

  1. Hard Man on August 25, 2019: (Reply)

    I’m totally going to make this!?

  2. Vamsi Manikanta Jonnalagadda on August 25, 2019: (Reply)

    Please make mountain dew cake

  3. Byron Chandler on August 25, 2019: (Reply)

    Hi, James. Those brownies look simply delish. What makes brownies really mouthwatering?

  4. Tasty Escapes on August 25, 2019: (Reply)

    Simple and suuuuper yummy! Thanks for sharing this with us :3

  5. kat cat on August 25, 2019: (Reply)

    hi james

  6. raverboi420 on August 25, 2019: (Reply)

    is parchment paper reusable

  7. Shonte Shields on August 25, 2019: (Reply)

    Hey James I love making brownie. Cause its my best brownies I ever have.

  8. Ming Lee on August 25, 2019: (Reply)

    Those brownies look delicious! I’ve been craving strawberry brownies for months lol. I’m definitely going to make some this week coming up.

  9. georgebaggy on August 25, 2019: (Reply)

    I suppose we should call them pinkies

  10. Ben Walls on August 25, 2019: (Reply)

    When are u doing the next ice cream one

  11. Karen Malena on August 26, 2019: (Reply)

    Love this! Going to have to try!!!

  12. Frankie Mangano on August 26, 2019: (Reply)

    For this upcoming Thursday, please make bubblegum ice cream!

  13. Annmarie Gillaspie on August 26, 2019: (Reply)

    Yummy these look delicious ?

  14. Queen of Nothing to do on August 26, 2019: (Reply)

    Wow strawberry brownie!

  15. KISSESdown LOW O_o on August 26, 2019: (Reply)

    ?? *looks good ? my favorite is slutty brownies* ?

  16. NapalmFueledWrath on September 6, 2019: (Reply)

    Always loved watching your videos since ‘How to Make an Oreo Milkshake’.

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