The Best Brownie Recipe Ever

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most fudgiest and delicious Chocolate Brownies. Crisp crackly top, fudgy, and chewy center with melting chocolate chips throughout. This recipe is so easy and takes no time at all to make.

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Makes – 12 Brownies

Ingredients –

240g – Unsalted , Melted and Cooled
2 Tbs – Vegetable Oil
1 Cup – Light Brown Sugar
1 1/4 Cups – White Sugar
4 – Free Range Eggs, Room Temperature
1 Tbs – Vanilla Extract
1 Cup – Plain Flour (All Purpose), Sifted
1 Cup – Unsweetened Cocoa , Sifted
3/4 tsp – Sea Flakes
200g – Milk Chocolate Chips

These Brownies will last 3 days stored in the fridge and can be frozen for up to 3 months.

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12 Comments for The Best Brownie Recipe Ever

  1. Goh Jing Heng on January 19, 2020: (Reply)

    try tiramisu next !!

  2. Mr Kloudy on January 19, 2020: (Reply)

    Just made it and it tastes real good. On a side note what/where do u work?

  3. Skelletor Jo on January 20, 2020: (Reply)

    I call bottom left piece!!
    Thanks for the recipe.

  4. Chloe Praha on January 20, 2020: (Reply)

    Love this ultimate chocolate brownie subscribe you for more easy cooking recipes please do more of these baking videos love it ????

  5. Abu Alfouz on January 20, 2020: (Reply)

    I’m really glad that i came across your channel, underrated videos! ??

  6. Haris Sehic on January 20, 2020: (Reply)

    Awesome channel! Ty for tips 🙂

  7. Thabang Lebeloane on January 21, 2020: (Reply)

    I don’t understand how you don’t have 3 million subscribers!

  8. chocolateenthusiast on January 21, 2020: (Reply)

    Random comment, but I came from the garlic and mushroom sauce video and didn’t expect you to be so young, you have a very mature voice if that makes sense ? anyway, the brownies look amazing, good job!

  9. God Is In The Details on January 21, 2020: (Reply)

    what vanilla extract have you used here?

    I bought some really poor dr oetker syrup type VE in a bind and had to use the whole bottle for 6 creme brulees. Previously I’d used dr oetker vanilla bean paste which is vastly superior and has little seeds thru it.

  10. Tyler Sanchez on January 22, 2020: (Reply)

    Definitely making this tonight ?

    Update: it was fire

  11. lillyorchids on January 23, 2020: (Reply)

    I love, love this recipe! I admire you passion in food either. Please do keep uploading more videos. Thank you!

  12. Firstname Lastname on January 24, 2020: (Reply)

    What makes it gooey and fudgey in the making of this? My favourite dessert is pancakes and waffles

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