The Best Fudgy Brownie Recipe Ever!

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How to make the fudgy brownie recipe! This recipe is so easy! With only 7-ingredients and bowl, these brownies are perfectly dense and fudgy with a shiny, crackly top and chewy edges – !

You will never need another brownie recipe again. These brownies are so versatile – you can add nuts, , Nutella, Biscoff, or whatever you wish. Serve warm and gooey with ice cream or cold and fudgy straight from the fridge, the choice is yours!

Ingredient list:-

100g Light Brown Sugar
150g Caster Sugar
2 Large Eggs

100g Plain Flour
30g Cocoa Powder
1 Tsp Salt

Tin size:-
8″ x 8″ square tin

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(Video Time Stamps)
00:00 – What's Guys
00:25 – Set your oven (+ oven tip)
00:48 – How I line my tin
01:55 – Brownie Ingredient list
02:19 – Let's get baking
02:23 – Mix butter, caster sugar and light brown sugar
03:00 – Add eggs to the mix and whisk to soft peaks
03:32 – Add melted dark chocolate to the mix
04:05 – Sieve flour, cocoa powder and salt into the mix
04:27 – Fold into the mix
04:50 – Scoop the mix in to your lined tray
05:10 – Lets Bake those brownies
05:36 – Brownie reveal
05:55 – Let them cool and put your brownies in the fridge overnight
06:25 – Let's cut up our brownies
07:30 – Let's inspect a cut brownie
08:15 – Outro, ENJOY!

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  1. Hind Zein on April 9, 2021: (Reply)

    Well that’s the kind of fitwafle vedios that I love

  2. Jennifer Ganpatsingh on April 9, 2021: (Reply)

    The dislikes are other brownie recipes coz they have been beaten

  3. Magnólia Pereira on April 9, 2021: (Reply)

    I really wanted to be her neighbor, whenever I heard “what’s up guys” I would run to her door, taste these wonders

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